Beijing Jingdiao Group has been researching and developing CAD/CAM software independently since its establishment. After more than 20 years of hard work, several CAD/CAM software have been widely used in many fields, such as mold & die machining, product machining and multi-axis machining. Beijing Jingdiao Group has won the approval of more than 20,000 customers and provides effective support for NC users to use Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool more efficiently.

Beijing Jingdiao Software R&D Department is a team which creates most profits for customers. It concentrates on CAD/CAM software research and development, such as surface design, relief design, 3-axis machining and multi-axis machining. During the development of Beijing Jingdiao Group, the department insists on perfecting the CAD/CAM software to improve the processing performance of Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool, extend service life of Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool, reduce processing costs, help customers seek greater profits and promote the business redevelopment of customers. At present, the main software products are JDSoft SurfMill 9.0 and JDSoft Ifactory.