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The Chicago IMTS is Over ! Beijing JINGDIAO International Reputation Rose Again !

The Chicago International Machinery Manufacturing Technology Exhibition ( IMTS ) was successfully held in Chicago from September 12 to 17, 2022. This exhibition Beijing JINGDIAO takes JINGDIAO high-speed machine in the field of precision machining and 3D printing post-processing as the theme, carries many equipment and samples to the exhibition site, so that the exhibitors can feel the processing ability of JINGDIAO ' 0.1 μ feed, 1 μ cutting, nanoscale surface roughness ' in a close distance. Beijing JINGDIAO, which has the ability to participate in the international advanced CNC machine tool brand competition, has been widely praised and recognized by customers !

In IMTS, Beijing JINGDIAO carries 3-axis high-speed machining centers and 5-axis high-speed machining centers and JINGDIAO automation units. The participating samples include mirror mold parts, precision matching test parts, medical device parts, new energy industry parts, micro-hole feature parts, hard and brittle material parts and other different types of samples.

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So Much Praise Get in Milan, Italy, JINGDIAO Variety Precision Machining Application Solution to The World

EMO 2021 European machine tool exhibition was held in Milan, Italy, from October 4th to 9th. As a world super exhibition in the field of metal processing and machine tools,(As the world's super exhibition in the field of metalworking and machine tools,) with a total exhibition area of more than 100,000㎡, more than 700 exhibitors from 34 countries all over the world gathered in the new Milan exhibition hall to display exchange and innovative solutions and participate in the world grand event of metal processing.

Beijing JINGDIAO was also invited to participate in the exhibition with the theme of "Application of JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining center in the field of precision machining". In six days, JINGDIAO machines JDGRT150 , JDGRT300, automation unit and various fields samples like precision grinding parts, high precision electronic connector, precision milling composite machining parts, medical instruments are all attracted with the high attention of audiences all over the world.

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2021CIMT, JINGDIAO Micro Parts Machinig Show Perfect Ending

From April 12 to April 17, 2021, the 17th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2021) was grandly held in Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall), and Beijing JINGDIAO appeared in booth W4-A001 with the theme of "Processing Exhibition of micron parts of Beijing JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining center".

New product JDMRT600 made the first appearance here, it’s a 5-axis high-speed machining center used for composite processing of parts weighing up to 400kg, independent research and development of high-speed precision spindle, speed up to 15000rpm, each straight line axis can move fast up to 48m/min, efficient and stable processing, equipped with 64 bit chain tool magzaine, to meet the needs of different parts of the composite processing, equipped with spray system and embedded chip disposal system, they can realize efficient chip disposal in the processing and greatly reduce the frequency of manual cleaning of waste.

In addition, a full range of Beijing JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining centers and a variety of micron precision test pieces and samples displayed to exhibitors and visitors around the world.

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In 2021 ITES, JINGDIAO Full Series of 5-Axis High Speed Machining Center Debut

From March 30 to April 2, 2021 ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition and SIMM 22nd Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition were successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall).

Beijing JINGDIAO appeared at the exhibition with a full range of JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining centers to discuss and display the mysteries of micron parts processing with audiences. Beijing JINGDIAO hold a live video streaming event that attracked nearly 100,000 people visited, and so many people wonder about the development of us said it’s impressive and wonderful.

JDGR50 is the world's first appearance machine in this exhibition. It’s currently the smallest and lightest 5-axis high speed machining center of beijing JINGDIAO. Its birth was marked by the addition of a new member to the 5-axis high speed machining center family of Beijing JINGDIAO. Since then, the JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining center formed a journey from small to large JDGR50, JDGR100, JDGR150, JDGR200, JDGR300, JDGR400, JDGR500, JDMR600 complete whole family series, can meet the precision processing needs of different sizes of parts.

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Jingdiao North America Participated in the WSM Technology Open House

WSM Technology, Inc (Rootstown, OH) was founded in 2012 by Blaise Buholzer and represents Jindiao's line of 3 & 5 axis high-speed machining centers in Northern Ohio & Western Pennsylvania.

On display was the Jingdiao GRA400 5 axis machining center. The GRA400 has 18"x27"x16" axis travels & trunion style table. It comes standard with a 24,000rpm spindle, 36 ATC and glass scale feedback.

Also on display was an array of precision machining samples that drew the attention of the open house attendees.

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Jingdiao North America exhibited their 5 axes machining center at the Amerimold 2019

Jingdiao North America exhibited their 5 axes machining center-GRA200 at the Amerimold 2019. This was Jingdiao’s debut appearance the show.

The show took place June 12-13 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center located in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, IL.It is an annual event for Mold Manufacturing. Its attendees are owners, executives, engineers and managers at OEMs and contract manufacturers, and exhibitors are equipment suppliers, service providers and tool & mold makers.

Jingdiao also demonstrated their SurfMill is universal CAD/CAM software and their on-machine measurement technology which ensures accurate parts. This technology combine with the Jingdiao machine design reduces multiple set-ups, eliminates secondary benchwork.

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Jingdiao North America Announces New Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Jingdiao North America, a manufacturer of ultra-precision, high-speed machining centers has appointed P.J. Naughton as their new Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Based in the Jingdiao’s North American Mt. Prospect, Il headquarters, Naughton will be responsible for supporting customers and dealers in the Midwest region.

Naughton has over 30 years of machine tool experience. He has always been associated with high precision machine tool related companies and his experience will match well with Jingdiao’s line of high-quality machining solutions. He has a wide array of experience including applications, marketing and sales. "This is perhaps the most exciting time of my life to work with a high-quality manufacturer like Jingdiao whose machines can produce parts that were once thought of as impossible."

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Jingdiao North America, Inc. appoints a new distributor for machine tools and services in Wisconsin and Illinois

Jingdiao North America, Inc. (JDNA) is pleased to announce that it has recently appointed High-Tech Machinery Sales (High-Tech) as the new representative for machine tools and services. High-Tech will offer expert assistance on machine tool selection, specification, and configuration, advising customers in Wisconsin and Illinois on the best JDNA solution for their unique application requirements.

Customers in the area can discuss their needs with High-Tech. With a strong technical background, they have the knowledge and experience to ensure their recommended solution will suit the customer’s application.

Mr. Acer Chou, JDNA Vice President said, "We are delighted to be working with High-Tech. We have worked with them in the past and are pleased to continue and expand our co-operation."

High-Tech’s knowledge of the market will be invaluable in supporting JDNA to provide customers with a service that is second to none.For more information or a quote, please email High-Tech at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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